Everyone knows — or should know — that a website owner’s responsibilities don’t end when the website goes “live”.

Once the site is live, there are a whole new set of responsibilities and functions that a website owner has to handle to ensure that their website continuously works perfectly and is able to fulfill its intended functions. Those responsibilities include providing fresh content as much as possible, submitting the website to search engines and actively looking for reciprocal links in order to raise the ranking in search engines.

One of the most crucial responsibilities of a website owner is to check for broken links on their website. Broken links can be considered as one of the worst things that can happen to a website.  It’s like holding a sign up to Google saying, ‘my site is not being maintained – don’t send any traffic here, please.”  Ouch!

Links are a very important component of websites because they aid in the navigation around the web pages. A website without links is like a ton of documents that are piled one on top of the other with no rhyme or reason and no easy way for customers to find the information they seek. Broken links are also really important for local SEO.

Link management is a very important and an absolutely essential part of maintaining a website. As previously mentioned, broken links bring with them very negative perceptions about the website and these can have very detrimental effects on the traffic sent to the site.

From a technical perspective, broken links can stop search engine robots dead in its tracks, effectively preventing it from completely mapping out a website for submission to search engines.

Search engines really hate uncrawlable web sites.

In addition, a website that is riddled with numerous broken hyperlinks gives visitors the idea that the site is unprofessional and that the website owner doesn’t know what they are doing.

Moreover, visitors who encounter many difficulties in a website will most likely not go back for a return visit, ever again. If a potential customer can’t find what they are looking for, they are gone forever — off to find what they need on a competitor’s web site.

Website owners should be very aware of the harmful effects of having broken links in their websites. It’s just one part of presenting your business in the most positive way online.